Ambielectric PLUS is a professional electric air freshener that operates through evaporation with heat, emitting a constant and homogeneous perfume into the air, creating a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Benefits of the system:

  • Clean, does not stain any type of surface, does not pollute.
  • Economical and with great coverage: 700 hours of duration working 24 hours in continuous.
  • The best system for removing bad odours, as it constantly evaporates aromas.
  • Ideal for all types of areas and businesses.
  • Much more coverage than the traditional sprayer.
  • Anti-theft system.

Available versions:

We have plugs for all types of sockets on the market.

  • Plug-in or power cord versions.
  • The colors available are ivory white and black.
  • Ambielectric versions in 4 colours: white diffuser/white light, wood diffuser/white light, wood diffuser/blue light, wood diffuser/red light.