We have developed and patented a unique ambient scenting system that uses professional electric air fresheners for large and medium-sized spaces. Ambielectric is a fragrance diffusion system that controls the evaporation of essential oils in a continuous and uniform manner.


Ambielectric is an innovative, clean, efficient, and economic system that covers large areas.

Innovative: The Ambielectric system is a new electric evaporation system. It is capable of evaporating a large amount of fragrance for extensive coverage. It is perfect for neutralizing odors and for scenting large areas.

Clean: It does not spray. Instead of spraying suspended particles, Ambielectric evaporates a fragrance directly into the atmosphere. It is a clean system that does not affect people’s health, and it does not contaminate or stain furniture, floors, decorative elements, etc.

Efficient: Ambielectric is an electric air freshener. Since the system is power operated, it evaporates the fragrance in a continuous and homogeneous manner for more than 700 hours in normal room temperature conditions. When the system is activated, a pleasant fragrance can be noted upon entering the area where the device is located.

Extensive Coverage: The Star version of the Ambielectric system covers up to 150 m3, and the Plus version covers up to 500 m3. They are the perfect ambient scenting solutions for large and medium-sized spaces.

Economic: Each Ambielectric refill lasts 700 hours (with continuous 24/7 operation) and consumes only 2.8 W. Considering the extensive coverage and the minimal need for few devices, this is the most inexpensive system on the market.