We have developed and patented a unique system for the scenting of large and medium spaces, through professional electric air fresheners. Ambielectric is an aroma diffusion system that allows the controlled evaporation of essential oils in a constant and uniform way.


Ambielectric is an innovative, clean, efficient, and economic system that covers large areas.

Innovative: The Ambielectric system is a new electric evaporation system. It can evaporate a large amount of fragrance for a wide coverage. It is perfect to neutralise odours and to scent large areas.

Clean: It is not a spray. Instead of spraying suspended particles, Ambielectric evaporates a fragrance directly into the atmosphere. It is a clean system that does not harm people’s health, and does not contaminate or stain furniture, floors, decoration, etc.

Efficient: Ambielectric is an electric air freshener. As it works through electricity, it evaporates the fragrance in a continuous and homogeneous way during more than 700 hours in normal room temperature conditions. When it is in use, a pleasant fragrance is felt when entering the room where the device is located.

Great Coverage: The Ambielectric system has a coverage of up to 150 m3 in its Star version and
up to 500m3 in its Plus version. Ideal for scenting large and medium sized areas.

Economic: An Ambielectric recharge lasts 700 hours, operating 24 hours a day, and the electricity consumption is only 2.8 W. If we also consider the great coverage and the lower need of devices, we can say that it is the cheapest system in the market.