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The mikado diffusion system, works by introducing the rattan rods into the glass bottle, allowing the absorption of the liquid through its pores and spreading a delicious perfume through the rooms of the home.​

​The rattan sticks are made of vegetable fibers whose capillarity allows the diffusion of the aroma in a progressive and natural way without the need for alcohol or electricity consumption. For this reason, is not recommended to remove those that come with the mikado.​

They also work as a decorative element with an elegant and exclusive design.

Use recommendations​:

To perfume your home properly: remove the cap and insert the 8 wooden sticks.​ The first 4 days turn all the sticks over once a day so that they absorb the oils. After these 4 days, we will go around only once a week, or whenever we want to intensify the aroma.

Benefits of the system:

  • Manufactured with natural essential oils​.
  • Does not contain alcohols​.
  • High concentration of essential oilsand durability.

Presentation mode:

Glass container of 100ml capacity, with 8 rattan sticks, cap and cork rings.