Ambielectric’s natural scents have been created after a detailed market study to adapt to the needs of the spaces to be treated.

Our line is dedicated to and formulated with natural materials that perform a double function: to sanitise and to aromatise the environment.

Scent Marketing: by creating a feeling of well-being in our customers, we can increase the stimulus that the consumer has of our  establishment. All this leads to an increase in sales and a greater acceptance of the brand.

We are aware of their needs and create unique and highly identifiable spaces in time and space
through smell.

Below, we show you the different lines of scenting we offer.

Commercial Use Scents [AMB]

Ambielectric’s Commercial Aromas are mainly aimed at the sector of air freshening in commercial spaces and aromatherapy. After several years of work and tests in real situations, we have decided on a wide range of aromas that we are sure will satisfy the demand of our customers.

Professional Scents [PROF]

Bad odour is one of the main problems of air quality, and the removal of bad odours has become a necessity in many sectors of activity. In our company we offer innovative and effective solutions to solve bad odour problems through our range of professional aromas. The system for solving bad odours through our electric air fresheners consists of identifying the bad odour, selecting the appropriate neutraliser, and choosing the ideal diffuser for each space.

Corporate Scents [CORP]

These are the aromas that carry our client’s signature. Our team is prepared to make any fragrance you may need or any aroma with which to impregnate your home or establishment.