Ambielectric’s natural scents have been created based on meticulous market research so they adapt to the needs of the areas to be treated.

Our line has been designed and formulated using natural materials with two roles: to cleanse and freshen the air.

Olfactory Marketing: By creating a feeling of comfort for customers, we can boost the stimulus of consumers in our business. This results in increased sales and improved brand acceptance.

Somos conscientes de sus necesidades y creamos a través del olfato espacios únicos y altamente identificables en el tiempo y el espacio.

Commercial Use Scents [AMB]

The range of Commercial Use Fragrances for Ambielectric Plus is mainly used for scenting commercial spaces and aromatherapy. After several years researching and testing our fragrances in real situations, we have chosen a wide range of fragrances that we are convinced will satisfy the demands of our customers.

Professional Scents [PROF]

Bad odors are one of the leading problems with air quality, and the elimination of bad odors has become a pressing need in many business sectors. Our company offers innovative and effective solutions that fix issues with bad odors thanks to our range of professional scents. The system that fixes these issues using our electric air fresheners consists of identifying the bad odor, selecting the right neutralizer, and choosing the perfect diffuser for each area.

Corporate Scents [CORP]

These scents have a lasting effect on customers. Our team is ready to prepare any fragrance or scent that you may need for your home or business.