After the alarm generated by Covid 19 at Ambielectric we havecreated anEnvironmental Hygiene Division, developingproducts to improve people’s lives, creating more hygienicenvironments free of viruses and bacteria.

  • New aromas of environmental hygiene (HA) for electrical evaporation and nebulization​.
  • Soap dispensers for hand disinfection​ Hydroalcoholic gel (70% alcohol) and gel with quaternary ammonium for hands cleaning​.
  • Disinfectant liquid for surfaces with quaternary ammoniums.

All our environmental hygiene products comply with current legislation in force and we have safety data sheets on all of them.​

No environmental sanitizer guarantees total protection against Coronavirus, so we recommend supplementing its use through personal protection and hand cleaning.

Sanitizing aromas for electric diffusion​:

The chemistry for air disinfection is very complex when dealing with highly volatile particles. Very high concentrations of toxic sanitizing components would be necessary to generate results, which would also have a very limited temporal effect.

Ambielectric diffusers, (hot evaporation devices), are the best system for the emission of sanitizing compounds into the environment, due to their smooth expansion that covers all the space in a room. ​

The system also provide healthy effects because people or pets do not breath drops or micro-drops that will always be more harmful.

Benefits of the system:

  • Manufactured with natural essential oils with sanitizing properties​.
  • Do not contain alcohols or quaternary ammonia​.
  • Formulated with natural components with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties​.
  • Totally innocuous and with the possibility of being used in spaces with people inside.

Presentation mode:

Soap dispenser with bottle​​

  • Made of high quality, robust ABS​
  • Compact size and anti-vandal characteristics​
  • Ideal for toilets with high traffic​
  • Soap dispenser with bottle for hydroalcoholic gel and other liquids​
  • Ergonomic and versatile design, easy to adapt to any space​
  • Lock with standard security key, supplied with the product

Hydroalcoholic gel (70% alcohol) 

5L jerrycan

​Hand gel with high alcohol content with a powerful disinfecting action for the hands.​

Orange aroma that conveys a clean feeling.

Antiseptic hand gel (with quaternary ammonia)

5L jerrycan

Hand gel that contains quaternary ammoniums and protects from viruses for several hours on the hands.